Thursday, October 9, 2014

I arrived Wednesday afternoon at 3pm and met April (the apartment owner).  I was a little late (plane, traffic) and she had another appointment, so after an enthusiastic welcome, she helped me get a suitcase up the stairs and left.  About 5 minutes later I realized she hadn't given me the key.  I plugged into to wifi and sent her a message.  I got one back from her and by 4:30pm she had returned with the key.  I was really here!!

Tired and exhausted, I ran out for a sandwich, some coffee and mild for the morning and went to bed early.

This morning, Thursday, October 9th, I woke up to a new day and with some energy.  I began by taking the metro to Place Bastille and visiting the lovely Richard Lenoir Market for some fresh fruit for the apartment. 

This couple had some beautiful mushrooms--I'm not sure what all of them were but wanted to saute´ them in butter and eat them all!

The market wasn't as busy as it was this summer when I visited, but there were lots of vendors and magnificent fruit and veggies from which to choose.

I was somewhat restrained--the Auguste Blanqui Market is tomorrow and just a half a block from my door--but bought some bananas and clementines.

I walked through the lower Marais and stopped for an early brunch/lunch at The Doormouse in the Teapot.
 Very Alice in Wonderland.   I had a beautiful spinach & camembert tart.
I then walked down Rue Rosiers and turned left to find the Rue du Roi de  Sicile (this mural is on a corner and I wanted to share it) to find a lovely shop,

Comme a Lisbonne, where I bought some Portuguese coffee and egg tarts.  I'll be back several times in the next five weeks to stock up!

Home to Rue du Moulin des Pres and the red door to the cobble stone  mews where the apartment is located.

After a nap (I plan to nap most afternoons!), I walked about the neighborhood of the Place d'Italie.  It's quite modern--except for the neighborhood I'm staying in, the Butte aux Cailles--and very ethnically mixed.   I have noticed in the afternoons the streets belong to the adolescents and mothers retrieving their toddlers from schools.  So many young people everywhere!  Although the Place d'Italie is full of skyscrapers and modern buildings,
I have a soft spot in my heart for it.  The very first time I came to Paris (in 1996--18 years ago!), I stayed in a small hotel on the Blvd. Choisy.

I explored more of the neighborhood, including a lovely park and a bustling street of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese restaurants.  But more of that another day--for tonight I'll eat that chocolate eclair that's awaiting me, read, watch CNN and get a solid night's sleep to prepare for tomorrow's adventures!


  1. We really enjoy your blog(s). Really nice pictures. The pictures of the market were really good. Enjoy your time in Paris.