Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I began the day at the Palais Royal, a favorite spot of my good friend Ingrid, and someplace I like to visit whenever I'm in town.

 More roses--I don't think I'm going to find the last rose of summer in France.

It was way too early for anything to be open, so I went in search of a cup of coffee and a pleasant place to drink it.

I got rather more than I expected, but it was a great bowl of coffee--one of the best I've had this trip.
Then I wandered over to one of the two covered passages I intended to visit that day.  The Passage Colbert
This passage isn't filled with shops, but rather official offices, but it is nonetheless quite beautiful.

 There is a restaurant which is quite elegant and serves a magnificent hot chocolate.

The Passage Vivienne was my next stop.  This passage is filled with charming shops and interesting galleries.  Of the passages I visited this trip, it's the most classically beautiful.

 I bought a book!
 A great garden bench.
The planter to the right of the chair is a large green (mossy) bull.

 It makes you want to buy something when it's so prettily presented.  I guess that's the idea?

Just around the corner from the passages is La Bourse, the historic Paris stock exchange.
 Looks like an interesting (locavore?) restaurant located inside.

I ended the morning where I began, the Palais Royal.

I think I'll probably do one more post to this blog when I get home.   I have some photos I'd like to share that--believe it or not--I did not post already!  So stay tuned for a final post in the next week or so.

Au revoir!  Until next time.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gulls resting on the Canal St. Martin on a Sunday morning

Sunday, November 11th I began the day at the Bastille/Richard Lenoir Market--one of my favorite markets and HUGE, over a 100 vendors at least.

The seafood was so fresh it (literally) waved at me.  The lobster was a little pricey.
 The shrimp were eying people suspiciously.
The wine was plentiful and cheap!  Very local I think.

I love looking at the honey and beeswax products.
 The chickens are still laying eggs . . .
 and if not, there is always the rotisserie!
Some interesting looking furniture.
 And of course, lots of good food!

And some Breton Galettes
 Mine was jambon et fromage. 

After eating, I walked up the Boulevard Richard Lenoir, a walk I enjoyed many times when I was here in June.  Much of the center green spaces was mysteriously locked up--only a block or two was open for people.  But I loved looking at the old buildings--and some of the newer ones too.

 Although the esplanade seemed a little gray and neglected--especially without all the people with their children and dogs, this working girl was looking out for it all.
The esplanade ends where the canal surfaces (and where the canal boats surface from the Bastille tunnel).

 Birds on the canal.

Some street art--the neighborhood is full of it.

Rues des Vinaigriers (where I stayed in June).
 Rue de Lancry, a cool little street in the neighborhood with lots of restaurants and interesting shops.
Back at the Bastille for some live music.

Then on to Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine in the 12th where I stayed two years ago--and I loved it!  It's a vibrant neighborhood full of the old and the new.


 Do uou see the fish at the top of the building?  Very "haut" street art.

 Not all passages are covered.

 This one is full of furniture makers and designers--all closed on Sunday sadly.

 The Square Trousseau on a Sunday.

The MarchĂ© d'Aligre is a good deal more . . . frenetic than the Bastille Market.  Harder for me to concentrate on shopping--so much going on.  But it's open 6 days a week instead of only 1 or 2.

 There's an older covered market here and a crazy flea market on weekends.
 And of course live entertainment.  He's singing a song to me.

Monday I'll wander over to the Palais Royal, two more covered passages, and who knows what else?